Precision Cast Urethane

Molded Masking

Quality Engineering specializes in producing quality molded masking parts from Cast Urethanes and RTV Silicones in lot sizes from one part to several hundred. We offer a variety of material characteristics, colors and textures. Hardness can range from very flexible (Shore 10A Durometer) to very rigid (Shore 80D Durometer).

Utilizing high-performance urethanes, our masking products exhibit a long life span while maintaining masking repeatability. Products can be developed from customer-supplied CAD files, prints, or we can work directly from a supplied approved part. Our end-users both large and small have come to expect superior products delivered within a short lead time.

We have a premier tool design group for product development and our machine shop is staffed with world class toolmakers to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

molded cast urethane part

SHOT PEEN and GRIT BLAST MASKS for the aerospace sector is our specialty

Why use cast urethanes?

Cast Urethanes and RTV Silicones can be molded and cured at room temperature – which means tooling costs are lower and production times are faster.

The use of Urethanes to produce parts often allows the product to outperform rubber, plastics or meal where severe weather conditions is also 50% lighter than a metallic part.

Cast Urethane products offer unique physical characteristics including:

  • Resistance to abrasive wear
  • Exceptional elongation and rebound
  • Chemical resistance
  • Cut and tear resistance
  • High tensile strength
  • Usable in a wide temperature range
cast urethane parts

RTV Silicones can be used for many of the same applications and in addition they offer greater chemical resistance and can be used at temperatures to 450ºF. Common uses include flame spray masks and plating masks.

molded masking part

We specialize in custom molded urethane and RTV silicone products for:

  • Shot peen masking
  • Turbine blade and vane airflow and water flow testing seals
  • Grit blast masking
  • Cost-efficient prototypes
  • Part nests
  • Flames spray masks
  • Vibration dampening
  • Vibratory bowl masks
  • Part handling solutions
  • Foreign object prevention