Tool Design

Quality Designs

Quality Engineering’s Design Department is capable of producing high quality and cost effective tool designs to satisfy all your tooling requirements. Our designs are machine shop friendly, reducing initial build costs as well as future repair costs.

We use industry-leading Siemens NX software, on high-end workstations, which allows the tools to be designed quickly and efficiently. All models are parametric, allowing changes to be easily incorporated. This is especially important when the tools are being designed concurrently with the product they are intended for. We can work with your 3D data or paper drawings. Finished designs can be furnished in both electronic and paper formats.

part design rendering

100% Dedication to Quality and Customer Satisfaction

Tooling Capabilities

tool design digital render and actual part

Tools we design include fixturing for milling, drilling, turning, grinding, EDM and assembly/disassembly. Clamping can be done manually, hydraulically, or pneumatically depending on the situation and your needs.

We also design a wide variety of gages from simple template gages and go/no-go gages to complex gages that have multiple checks. Gages can be functional gages or variable gages depending on your requirements.

rendering of a machined assembly
machined assembly

Our Designers

We employ 3 tool designers (an average experience of over 20 years each), all highly skilled in the use of Siemens NX software. All designs are fully checked for function, tolerances, manufacturability, and adherence to customer standards. All employ good tool design practices.

Our design staff works closely with the shop to insure our customers get the best tool possible.